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The main goal of decisions makers is to produce rational decisions in a rapidly changing, continuously evolving, complex, demanding and global context. The rational decisions require analysis of a huge volume of data from disparate sources to solve poorly defined problems. Decision makers use tools known as Decision Support System to drive the whole decision making process.

Intelligent Decision Support Systems – IDSS – are software tools aimed to help Decision Makers throughout the decision making process. IDSS systems fundamentally aggregate and analyse data providing the information in a useful manner whereby decision makers can observe and understand the context’s problem at a glance.


IDSS provides some cognitive functions using artificial intelligence tools integrated in the system. These tools are used together with others knowledge sources, like expert opinions, best practices and lessons learned.

FORCE aims to design an IDSS, integrating the FORCE Foresight model into a comprehensive architecture, fulfilling the FORCE end-users expectations within the security domain in the short, medium and long term.

The FORCE-IDSS aims to help decision makers produce rational choices better and easily. It will help decision makers to understand properly the problems or opportunities, putting the problem in the proper context, identifying actions and alternatives, collecting appropriate information, examining solutions and monitoring the results. In their challenging working environments, decision makers must take advantage of the technological advances in human computer interfaces (HCI).


As a starting point, a reference architecture for the FORCE-IDSS has been defined to fulfil end-user expectations. The reference architecture will satisfy end-user needs and an evolvable and comprehensive software stack has been identified based on predefined software criteria. Three main components have been identified: User Interface, Knowledge Base and Foresight Model. The software stack will be integrated according to this reference architecture extracting and analysing data and interacting with the end-user in a friendly and effective fashion.

The IDSS will have as a basis an underlying Foresight Model which will be developed in the course of the project. The FORCE Foresight Model will be fully integrated within the

FORCE-IDSS Reference architecture. It will be based on the findings from mapping and reviewing European foresight studies in the last 5 years and the state of the art in foresight methodologies. Together with experts from the field of foresight, security and technology we are deriving a comprehensive schema accessing the knowledge of security foresight and identifying new insights from findings and interdependencies.

In developing the Foresight Model we are incorporating end-user views from the beginning via interviews and workshops.

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