FORCE Project – End of financed duration of the project

The FORCE project is now successfully coming to an end and I am pleased to say that
the project has successfully met all its objectives. The main result is the development
of an Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS), mapping 28 Security foresight
projects and studies from the EU and beyond. This is available for you to use free of
charge and without registration at

FORCE started in April 2014

The FORCE team is made up of Foresight, software and communication experts, whose expertise has come together to solve the problems and issues of presenting Foresight information across a large number of projects in an intuitive way and focusing on enabling users to retrieve meaningful information according to their needs. The IDSS is a unique source of information for Foresight studies and projects in the last five years which can be used as a research and training tool and will help decision makers in their Foresight efforts and make recent foresight work sustainable, re-usable and accessible. The IDSS is built as a scalable, sustainable tool, designed for continued development beyond the end of the project, which can connect to external data, and we encourage its continued use, including
continued mapping and uploading of current and future EU foresight projects.

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